2019 so far (Jan -> March Updates)

Hello everyone.

It’s been a few months since we posted anything over on this blog!

I hope to keep up monthly summaries going forward, but as we haven’t really had a nice summary of what’s been going on since August last year, I’ll do this as a “What have we done this year” summary instead of just doing “March”.

Company Updates

Since November, we’ve grown quite a bit as a company! I’m now writing these posts to help give Ben more time to focus on higher level things. Our development team has grown from 3 developers at the start of November, to currently 6 backend developers, with another backend developer on their way soon. We’ve also got another front-end developer starting soon, to help give Aaron a bit of help.

All combined this has helped us develop really great momentum when it comes to getting new features out, and bugs fixed!

We’ve also grown our Australian based support team from not just me, so I now have Lachlan assisting as well, and we aim to have another support person starting over the next few weeks as well! Not to mention the inclusion of the rest of the Support team from Tithe.ly, overall this means we’re better able to get back to customer questions in super quick times!

Feature Highlights

For those that aren’t subscribed to our releases blog, we’ve had 6 releases that we’ve published this year.  For the eagle eyed observers out there, we’ve also moved to weekly release notes, and that’s something we hope to keep up in the future. We’ve also simplified our version numbering.

To give a quick summary some of the highlight features we’ve added this year so far:

  • Added an option to the Check-in Room Attendance report to show the date/time of the service children were checked into.
  • Added an option in the People Notes report to only look at specific notes (ie only notes in People Flows or Group Attendance)
  • Admins can now control what steps for people flows appear when you add someone to a people flow within their profile or mass manage.
  • Added ability to set a default song length under Settings > Songs, that is used when adding new songs to the account.
  • Form submissions can now be individually exported, or you can select specific submissions to export, instead of having to export all of them all the time.
  • Added a number of options to mass managing Service Teams and Sub-Service teams.
  • Ability to Email and SMS people from Form submissions

We’ll look more into some of these more further down.

There’s a few other minor new features we’ve added that I’ve skipped here, as well as a whole raft of improvements to the UI and bug fixes that have also happened. Check out the releases blog for more detail!

Service Date/Times in Check-in Room Attendance Report

While this feature in particular may not be seen as the most important thing that we’ve ever built, it will be useful for churches who have had issues with people being checked into the wrong service. In the past, it was a lot of work to figure out if a person had been checked into the wrong service, which then made ensuring attendance statistics were accurate was really hard.

Using this option though you should now be easily able to tell if someone was checked into the wrong service and go in and amend attendance stats as needed.

People Notes Report

When generating a People Notes report, under People > Reports, you’ll now see an option for “Which notes to view”, which at the time of writing this blog post is actually the second “which notes” question in generating this report, so we’ll get that improved soon!

This dropdown then gives you 4 options.

  • All – Notes written anywhere in the account about the person
  • Unconnected – Specifically notes written about a person, from within the “Notes” tab of their profile
  • Flow Notes – Specifically notes written about a person, from within a People Flow Step
  • Group Attendance Notes – Specifically notes written about a person, when taking Group Attendance

You can use this to only look at notes written during group attendance etc.

People Flow Entry Points

When setting up a people flow, once the Steps have been entered, you should see something like this:

When you then went to add a person into that people flow, you’d be given all the steps as an option to add them into, even though they probably should always be going into the “Initial Email” step to begin or maybe the “Phone Call” step if you didn’t get their email address.

Now when you go to the “Edit” tab of the people flow, you’ll be able to define what we’re calling Entry Points.

Using these, you can now control what steps a person can be added to from within their profile, or when using Mass Manage to add people into a flow. If we select “Initial Email” and “Phone Call” as the entry points, when adding a person into this people flow, you’d only see them as options.

This will help you control where people get added into the different flows and help prevent people from being added into the wrong steps and missing vital steps from happening!

It is worth noting that this setting is only taken into account from within a users profile or when using Mass Manage. A form, or another people flow step, can still have actions set to add a person into a people flow step that’s not one of the entry points of a flow.

What the future holds

Looking forward, we’re continuously working on improving the system, so expect many good things to come. There are of course many great things that we’ve spoken about in past blogs so I won’t go into too much detail about everything we plan to do one day, but in the short term future some things I can say that you should be expecting to see soon include the following:

  • Ability to submit unavailability for an entire family at once
  • Calendar view of unavailability
  • New and improved Edit Multiple Services screen

If you have any questions, feel free to leave some comments below or to reach out and ask, and if you haven’t already feel free to join our Facebook Users group to help communicate with other churches and find out how they’re using the software!

Until next time,

Stewart out.

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