April/May Updates

Oh boy, what an exciting few months this has been!

Company News

We are still continuing to grow our team, not only in our development team, but continuing to put more support staff on, and have grown our data migration team to help new customers get setup easier as well.

If you’re interested in applying for a job with us, feel free to send through your details using this form.

Feature Highlights

  • Added the ability to filter songs by a BPM range, or by song key when viewing the list of songs, and when adding songs to a service.
  • Added some extra placeholders to the “Notify Reports To Person” email templates.
  • Added an advanced search filter for “Parents with children of specific gender”.
  • Added the ability for an account to be set to allow primary/spouse within a family to submit unavailability for the entire family at once.
  • Added the ability for admins to submit unavailability for multiple people at once.
  • Added the ability for admins to export form submissions as CSV files as well as Excel files.

Updates to Unavailability

These are just the first few updates to the unavailability area, and we’ve got a few more incoming.

Family Unavailability

This allows individuals marked as Primary/Spouse/Partner in a family to submit unavailability for their entire family at once. It does need to be enabled in the account first though.

To enable this, navigate to Settings > Services > Roster.  We’ve added a new setting for “Family Unavailability”

With this enabled, when a person with one of the above family relationships goes to submit unavailability, they’ll see the following checkbox when submitting unavailability in the Member area.

This does take the other unavailability settings into account, so the unavailability may be blocked if a family member is already scheduled on etc, depending on your individual account settings.

It’s also worth quickly noting that the exact UI here in the Member area is likely to change soon as we add some more features to this in!

Admins adding unavailability for multiple people

As it should sound like, it’s now easier to add unavailability for multiple people at once as an admin, including the ability to submit it for an entire family as an admin as well. Here’s a quick Gif that looks at how this works!

Song Filtering

This has been a feature that worship planners have been asking for a while now. Often you might want to ensure that the songs in a service flow together well, and ensuring that the songs are in either the same key, or a complimentary key and have a similar BPM will assist in this.

Now, when adding a song to a service you can filter by these keys and BPM range.

While we were adding this in, we decided to add the same filters to the Songs index page.

The future

Without spoiling too many surprises, here’s a quick summary of what we’re currently working on.

  • A better way for super-admins to opt-in to Beta features
  • A new Multiple Services Editor
  • A new People page
  • More updates to Availability
  • Submitting Group Attendance via the Mobile app
  • Group Messaging in the Mobile App

We’ve laid a lot of the ground work for the above already, so you should see some of these coming out in the next few months!

Releases in this period

To get more details, including information on the bugs fixed in this period, here’s the full release notes:

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