New Media Player and More!

Hi Everyone!

Last week we released an update to the Member Roster page. While on the surface it looks similar, we have made lots of small improvements under the hood and a completely new media player that we’d love to tell you about!

Media Player 1

The media player now launches at the bottom of the page so you can continue using it when viewing the current service or browsing other services.

Media Player 2

Whilst we previously had some video integration with the player, it was limited in what it could play. Exciting to us (and hopefully to you too), we have added YouTube and Vimeo integration into the player and these will play in the playlist alongside your other audio and video files.

Media Player 3

Video is too small? Click ‘Expand’ Expand¬†and voila, nice and big for your viewing/learning/listening pleasure! Or, click ‘minimize’ Expand to tuck the media player completely to hide it but keep playing!

Song Files

We’ve also taken great care in improving the ease of access to song charts & lyrics. We now include all relevant files, whether attached to the song, arrangement or key, in both the service plan and the songs box. This also now includes the generated number/roman numeral charts.

What’s next?

We are working on improving the integration of swap and replace in both the member area and in the upcoming version 2 of the mobile app. This will make creating, and responding to, swaps and replaces easier than ever.

The mobile app version 2 will also include a brand new media player supporting playlists and background controls from your device.

Anything else?

For all those ‘techies’ or if you just like to read the fine-print, our releases website has had facelift. And if you’re really ‘bleeding edge’ it now offers the page feed in the new (and hugely popular) JSON Feed format!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, we’d love to hear your feedback!


  1. Randy Starkey 29th August, 2017

    Nice update to the release page! Last release. “Fixed an issue with transactions (seems there is missing text after that?)” Tnx!

  2. Aaron @ Elvanto 29th August, 2017

    Good catch, thanks @randy_starkey:disqus!

  3. Jodie McEwen 31st August, 2017

    Is the media player live now, Aaron?Or is it coming soon?

  4. Aaron @ Elvanto 31st August, 2017

    Hi @jodie_mcewen:disqus, this went out last week, so it’s live and kicking! ?

  5. Padma David 8th October, 2017

    Aaron, i cannot see the media player on my member page nor on admin. page. Is there anything that we need to do to see the changes.

  6. Aaron @ Elvanto 9th October, 2017

    Hi, the new media appears on the Member Roster and the Member Songs -> “Song Title” pages and can only be launched if you have compatible media available.
    Hope this helps,

  7. Padma David 9th October, 2017

    Thanks Aaron!! It works and is fantastic!! God Bless.

    Also can you please guide me as to how to connect to CCLI song database. Thanks in advance for your kindness to assist.

  8. Aaron @ Elvanto 9th October, 2017

    My pleasure!
    Here’s the link to our help article on how to configure the CCLI SongSelect Integration for you.
    That should help you!

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