Preparing for the New Volunteer Scheduling Update

Our team is currently putting the finishing touches in place for our new volunteer scheduling update we’ve been building. Our goal was to simplify and speed up the scheduling of volunteers.

Here’s a quick demo of the new volunteer scheduling update:

Schedule Volunteers

Some cool new features:

  • Users will be able to schedule multiple volunteers at once over multiple departments.
  • Users will see live updates of other users scheduling on the same service.
  • Better filtering and sorting of volunteers.
  • Ability to set a default volunteer status (Confirmed or Unconfirmed) on a department level.
  • Ability to choose the default service times for positions when scheduling on a specific service type.

Configuration Options Now Available

We plan to roll out the new update in the coming weeks. Being able to set default volunteer status and service times will be a huge time saver for some of our customers. This will change the current process of “Choose Volunteer -> Configure Options -> Schedule Volunteer” to a new process that removes the middle step because the “Configure Options” (setting volunteer status, contact options and times) will be configurable within Service Types and Departments.

We figured it would be handy for you to be able to configure these default settings now prior to launching the new update.  Today we have released these new settings so you can jump in and get your account prepare for when we release the new volunteer scheduling update.

Here are some more details on the configuration options.

Default Volunteer Status

In the current version of Elvanto, you can configure the default volunteer status to be confirmed or unconfirmed within settings. This applied to every department.

We have now added a new option when editing a department so that volunteer status can now be individually configured on a per-department basis. When editing a department you can set the status as well as whether you want volunteers to be marked as needing to be contacted.

Default Service Times for Service Type Departments

We have also added in the ability to set default service times for positions within a service type. For instance, you may have volunteers on certain positions who need to be onsite early for the set-up time. Other volunteers on different positions might only need to be there at a rehearsal time. Rather than having to uncheck times when scheduling each volunteer, you can now set defaults.

When on the ‘Departments’ tab of a service type, you will now see a little clock icon next to each department and position…

When you click this, you can choose whether all times are to be clicked…

Or you can customize those times…

You can choose for sub-department and positions to inherit times if a department or sub-department all have the same times…

Stayed tuned…

Jump on in and get your account ready. We’ll be releasing the new volunteer scheduling update soon 🙂 Can’t wait! Let us know what you think of the new design.

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