People Flow Reminders are here!

Today I am excited to announce that we’ve released the ability for your Step Admins to have automatic reminders sent to them, reminding them to follow up people in their people flows. The days of only getting the initial email are over!


Updated Interface

We’ve updated the interface when editing a people flow to include the new options. Not the most important aspect of the update, but worth noting!

Step Admin Reminders

When setting up each individual People Flow, you can now set the Flows to have different reminders.

Reminder Type

You can either set the Flow to send Email and/or SMS reminders to your admins, or you can set it to only send SMS reminders to admins who don’t have email addresses in their profile.


You can have multiple reminders sent out on days of your choosing. These can be set to be X days before, the same day and X days after. You can set as many of these as you desire to help ensure that your admins are following people up!

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