Push Notifications are here!

Today I am excited to announce we now have push notifications in our Mobile App for service scheduling and volunteer swap & replace!

When your volunteers upgrade to the latest version of our app (it should be circulating on App Stores now), push notifications will be turned on by default and give your volunteers a choice to disable them.

How to Send Push Notifications

Push notifications can be sent the following ways listed below. Not every volunteer will have push notifications enabled so which is why we send push notifications when an email or SMS is sent.

  1. When you schedule a volunteer using our NEW volunteer scheduling interface and have automatic email/SMS turned on in service settings.
  2. When you send volunteers an email/SMS manually from a service or the edit multiple service screen.
  3. When a volunteer requests a swap or replace – any email/SMS that is sent during this process will also get a push notification.

We’ll also be adding push notifications to service reminders and follow-ups in the near future!

More Mobile App Features Coming

Some of our top priority items are…

  • Ability to view groups and report on attendance (well be adding push notifications to reporting reminders also)
  • Ability to schedule volunteers and manage service plans
  • Ability to view people

We’ll keep working to make our Mobile App more robust! Rather than one massive update, we’ll keep chipping away at each area and release an update so you get the benefit quicker!

Other Updates

We’ve made a bunch of other improvements noted on our releases website.

  • Added two new Avery Label Template sizes for A4 paper: The Avery L7180 and Avery 3422
  • Added the ability to require a reason for archiving a person and specifying default reasons for this
  • Added the archived reason field into the people activity report
  • When Mass adding individuals to a service, you’re no longer scrolled to the top of the page after adding a person in every time
  • Improved speed of mass adding individuals to services
  • When adding people to a group, the search window grabs focus when the window is opened
  • New service scheduling now correctly handles errors and doesn’t just freeze
  • Brand new interface for editing and adding group categories

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