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New Media Player and More!

Hi Everyone!

Last week we released an update to the Member Roster page. While on the surface it looks similar, we have made lots of small improvements under the hood and a completely new media player that we’d love to tell you about!

Media Player 1

The media player now launches at the bottom of the page so you can continue using it when viewing the current service or browsing other services.

Media Player 2

Whilst we previously had some video integration with the player, it was limited in what it could play. Exciting to us (and hopefully to you too), we have added YouTube and Vimeo integration into the player and these will play in the playlist alongside your other audio and video files.

Media Player 3

Video is too small? Click ‘Expand’ Expand and voila, nice and big for your viewing/learning/listening pleasure! Or, click ‘minimize’ Expand to tuck the media player completely to hide it but keep playing!

Song Files

We’ve also taken great care in improving the ease of access to song charts & lyrics. We now include all relevant files, whether attached to the song, arrangement or key, in both the service plan and the songs box. This also now includes the generated number/roman numeral charts.

What’s next?

We are working on improving the integration of swap and replace in both the member area and in the upcoming version 2 of the mobile app. This will make creating, and responding to, swaps and replaces easier than ever.

The mobile app version 2 will also include a brand new media player supporting playlists and background controls from your device.

Anything else?

For all those ‘techies’ or if you just like to read the fine-print, our releases website has had facelift. And if you’re really ‘bleeding edge’ it now offers the page feed in the new (and hugely popular) JSON Feed format!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, we’d love to hear your feedback!

September 2016 Updates

It’s been another busy month here at Elvanto. We’ve been refining and testing the new event registration feature. We’ve also managed to push a number of other improvements to volunteers and services. Let’s check it out.

Volunteer Scheduling Preferences

We’ve added a new feature allowing volunteers to set their scheduling preferences. They can specify their overall serving capacity (e.g: x times a per month or per day) and even specify how often they can serve on specific departments and sub-departments.


Similar to unavailabilities and conflicts, it will show a little badge when scheduling a volunteer on a service if they’ve hit their limit.


Auto-schedule will simply ignore them if they have hit their defined limit.

We have in the plans to allow positions to not trigger a conflict and also allow couples to be scheduled on together.

My Schedule in Roster

We’ve added a ‘My Schedule’ section to the roster within our Web App and Mobile App. This gives a nice overview of what services and positions a volunteer is assigned to without looking into each service.


And in the mobile app…


Clock View for LIVE

We’ve added a new clock view within LIVE so that you can now share a countdown timer on a screen to say your speaker. Simply choose the view…


And your screen will show a nice big countdown timer along with the current time.


Event Registration Sneak Peak

We’ve been talking about the event registration feature for a while now. Like we’ve said before we are working really hard to make it robust and powerful. Here’s a few pics of how it’s looking.

Event Settings

Event Settings

New Registration Tab in Events

Registration Tab

Registration Form

Registration Form

Payment Page

Registration Payment

What else?

There’s been plenty of smaller additions and bug fixes. Here are some of the things we’ve added…

  • A people setting to hide completed people flows from a person’s profile
  • Built-in options for ‘My Groups’ and ‘My Giving’ for layout menus
  • A ‘Times Attended’ and ‘Times Absent’ column to the Service and Group Individual Attendance reports
  • Nashville Numbering System option to chord charts
  • A built-in field for ‘Middle Name’
  • A ‘Full Legal Name’ display field for reports, people views and emails
  • More song arrangement details to Elvanto LIVE
  • Russian language (Мы любим наших переводчиков)
  • An ‘Average’ row for Service and Group Attendance (Statistics) reports, when viewing a table
  • A ‘Print’ option for people flows
  • A dropdown within people flows to let you change quickly between steps in a people flow

More coming so watch this space!

July 2016 Update

It’s been a little while since we posted a major update other than the phone number formatting. We’ve had a number of releases over the past month and a half and I thought I’d share some of the bigger updates today. Let’s do it!

Report updates

  • ‘Date Added’ is now shown in the People Flow Step Details report
  • The name of the logged in user that checked people in or out now appears in Room Attendance reports
  • Check-in Absentee report can now be filtered by people category
  • The name of the service is now shown in Service Individual Attendance reports
  • Volunteer positions report now allows you to specify date ranges into the future(e.g: in the next 3 months)
  • Volunteer positions report can now be filtered by departments

Financial updates

  • The ‘Tax Deductible’ column in giving statements is now hidden if all transactions have the same deductible setting
  • The ‘Memo’ column in giving statements is now on a new line to preserve space
  • Improved the interface for adding and editing transactions

Service updates

  • Service and song file uploads can now be up to 100MB instead of 20MB
  • Deleting a song from a service plan now deletes from the song list by default
  • You can now import custom service statistics
  • Unconfirmed volunteer follow-ups can now be sent via SMS
  • Volunteer schedule reminders can now be sent via SMS
  • Improved the interface for importing services

Other updates

  • Events are now their own top level item in the menu, separate from calendar
  • The number of family members is shown when merging duplicates
  • Form submissions are now filterable and sortable
  • Phone numbers are now automatically formatted based on the members country
  • You can now import group attendance which will create new groups, new people, and add people to the groups as needed
  • The API endpoints for groups/getAll and groups/getInfo now gives the members position within the group
  • Improved the interface for editing departments
  • Improved the interface for editing demographics
  • A person’s activity tab now displays the user that was logged in when checking a member in or out
  • Added Thai translation (it’s a work in progress)

Event Registration is not far away

We’ve taken our time with this release because we want it to be awesome! We’re making the event registration module very powerful so that no matter the type of event you are taking registrations and payments for, it should handle it.

Ticket types, discount codes, payment methods, part payments, tickets, invoices, the whole works!

I’ll be posting some screenshots in the near future!

Hope you’re enjoying the updates. We have plenty more in the works so make sure you subscribe to our release notes to be kept up-to-date.

February Updates

The development team here at Elvanto have hit the ground running this year, and we’re pleased to offer a bunch of new updates and features this month. We hope you’re as excited as we are about the changes – full details are below!

Some of the biggest additions and changes have been executed within the Financial area of the system. After seeing our US churches finalize their end of year giving statements and receiving valuable feedback, we’ve made the following updates:

  • More mass manage options now available when working with transactions, batches and pledges.


  • Running total now shown when adding multiple transaction amounts.
  • Pledge Drives can now be added to Chart of Accounts to help track giving.
  • Multiple people can now be added to a single pledge (great for connecting primary and spouse giving

Keep Reading

Upload files to your services

I’ve had some requests to allow files to be uploaded to services. Well, with a click of my fingers (that’s quite ironic since I can’t actually click my fingers…) it’s done! This is a great little feature if you need to share important files with the team such as a run sheet or some other sort of document.

For ease of use I have developed it to work exactly the same as the song file uploads as you’ll see from the screen shots below.

To add files to your service, simply edit a service and click the Edit Service Details button. You will now see a Service Files heading where you can add and edit your files.

Here’s a screen shot of editing a file. As you can see, it’s the same as the song files.

That’s all for now! I’ve got some exciting things to share in the coming weeks so make sure you subscribe to the blog so you’re notified of any updates 🙂

Talk soon!