Volunteer Swap & Replace is out of BETA!

Good news! Volunteer Swap & Replace is now out of BETA!

You can view the original announcement here which contains details on how to get set-up. We also have a help article you can send to your volunteers on how to create a swap or replace once you’re live.

Some features we will be working on soon to make this feature better:

  • Choose positions that do not conflict with each other.
  • Disable declining and force volunteers to swap or replace.

Enjoy and make sure you send feedback on how we can improve!



  1. Milly 17th August, 2017

    It seems that the swap function is only available at the initial point of accepting or declining a shift. If a team member later has a change of circumstances and can no longer meet a shift they have already accepted, is there a way to a) decline that shift, and b) organise a swap with someone else? Or is this something you are planning to develop soon?

  2. Stewart 17th August, 2017

    Hil Milly.

    That sounds very unusual, as that’s exactly where the ability to create these requests is meant to be working.

    Can you please send us an email so we can look into this in detail with you?


  3. Milly 18th August, 2017

    Thanks for your help. On a related point – is this something you are planning on releasing in the app? Most of my team tell me they only use the app at the moment. thanks!

  4. Stewart 18th August, 2017

    Hey Milly! We are indeed planning on adding this into the app when we release V2 of the app.

  5. Ben Sinclair 17th August, 2017

    And just incase you’re not aware, our email address is support [at] elvanto [dot] com 🙂

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