What would you like to see in the next version of Check-in?

It’s been just over 4 years since we released our first BETA of the check-in system! We’ve seen over 3 million individuals checked in and made a number of improvements since then but it’s time to take check-in to the next level.

We’ve been gathering feedback from customers and have compiled a list of what we would love to see in version 2. Below we have outlined our thoughts and we’d love to hear from you to see if there’s anything you’d like to see.

  • Completely overhaul the check-in interface design for better usability and speed
  • Overview and statistics of check-ins on the day
  • Upload custom label designs for specific service types
  • Add barcodes to labels
  • Choose the number of labels to be printed for specific demographics, rooms and service types
  • Disable label printing for specific demographics, rooms and service types
  • Add support for Brother, Zebra and Citizen printers
  • Ability to add people and families from self check-in (and yes, we’ll add support for different last names!)
  • Ability to customize which fields can be changed when adding or editing people
  • Ability to disable editing of people from self check-in
  • Mobile and tablet apps
  • Check people into group meetings and events (with custom label styles)
  • Record who checked children in
  • Global check out all button
  • View the names of room leaders when viewing a check-in room
  • Ability to notify other parties of incidents (e.g: production team can be asked to put messages on projector screens)
  • Ability to exclude contacts and archived from self check-in
  • Parents can record other individuals who have the ability to check a child out and who to contact in case of incident
  • Better support for multiple service check-ins
  • API support

We’ll be starting on the new version of check-in very soon and need your help finalizing the feature list. If you would like to provide some feedback, please fill out this form as we’d love to hear from you.

We will be running version 2 as a BETA so you can give it a good test and provide feedback before we roll it out live.

Looking forward to it! Thanks in advance to all those who provide their feedback 🙂



  1. dave_m_moore 6th April, 2017

    Great! There’s a bunch of little things, but I’d love to see the overall process of check-in re-considered.
    Little things:
    – ability to undo a false check-in
    – ability to pre-print label sheet (and check-in when they collect)
    – better control over label printing
    – room change on check-in
    – better “current reporting” of room numbers… like a service dashboard that shows each room and check-in numbers

  2. kjbleck 7th April, 2017

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback on this! The main thing that our children’s ministry teachers/helpers have asked for is a roster-type check-in list. If we could just pull up a list of all children assigned to a certain room (or by demographic), and be able to check off boxes for the ones in attendance, that would really speed up the process. Another helpful feature would be the ability to display custom fields like allergies in the area where the security code is shown.

  3. Benjamin Bösser 8th April, 2017

    Great to join the project! I love working with elvanto! I believe the check-in tool still has many options and it is great that you will rework it. We use the “check-in tool” actually especially for events and groups. It would be great if this area would be revised. In addition to the rooms we also need the possibility to choose an event or a group. (Ideally an event can be assigned to a group)

    Our requests:
    1. In some groups the attendance is recorded. We used an app so far, over which we could do the check-in on one side live. On the iPad I chose the event (or the group) and I came to the check-in form where I could search for the names. During the search (which is important !!! During, not after the search) already matching hits were displayed, which could be selected and checked in.
    2. I need evaluations and reports of the check-in’s. Example: There is an event where all the volunteers of a department (and different teams) come together. The people heck in and I will then report the check-in’s to the team leaders to give them an overview of their team members attendance. So he can see how many people (absolutely and relative) from their teams have participated. The report should be displayed as a list and as a graph. In addition, there should be the possibility to compare recurring events. If I have this example event at the rhythm of 4 weeks, I would like to see how the Attendance develops (…with a graph ;-)).
    3. It must be easier to assign permissions for a check-in. For example, the admin might give the event a password or assign users who are allowed to check-in. However, this mapping should not run over the access permissions. This is much too complicated.
    4. It would be great if the check-in could be linked to a flow.
    5. Check-in with the iOS app “Wallet”.
    6. After the event, the event admin (if enabled) receives a reminder that he / she should send his / her report (a predefined template). Once the report has been received, it is linked to the event.
    7. It would be very cool to see the last check-ins on the peoples profile.
    8. We also need an API interface. Who has been invited? (If event) and who has participated?

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